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[From American Photo:]From the moment Ellen von Unwerth picked up a camera in the mid-1980s, she has held the fashion world captive with a style that is at once elegant, evocative, and erotic. A former model, she began by snapping photos of her model friends, but soon after, von Unwerth emerged as a rising fashion star, shooting for Vogue and, by 1989, the edgy campaigns for Guess that made Claudia Schiffer a household name--an ad campaign that von Unwerth continues photographing to this day. Her riotous and seductive images have filled four books (one forthcoming) and appeared inside and on the covers of almost two decades' worth of fashion and celebrity magazines, including Harper's Bazaar, Interview, I-D and V. The German-born mother of one will no doubt go down in fashion history as a pioneering female photographer, but it is her almost preternatural sense of what is sexy that separates her from all the rest.

The girls in Ellen von Unwerth's images exude warmth and sexiness, often in equal degrees. A model before she became one of the world's best-known fashion photographers, von Unwerth creates pictures filled not only with glamour but also fun. She has helped shape a new visual language in which the power of sexual allure and the joy of girlish intimacy thrive together.

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